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Our story starts in JAMAICA…

We’re cousins, business partners, and former roomies! Both of our journeys started on the small island of Jamaica, where our parents owned 2 small businesses (a bakery + printery). We ended up in NYC 🗽 with a dream to solve a big problem, help small business owners 🦄, and create a community 👐 that builds and inspires everyone in it. #bettertogether


As natural gatherers, we were immediately flabbergasted 😮 by a huge pain point for us - finding space to break bread (and 🍸) with more than 8 of our NYC fam. Off we went, on a mission 🚀 to solve this. We’ve done the work, planning tons of events, large and small, to understand this problem 😓. And we’re designing + building 🔨 a pretty awesome solution with the same mission we started with:

1) To revolutionize the Event Planning marketplace, making these occasions as joyous to plan as they are the celebrate 🎉

2) To support amaaaazing event pros - helping them save time, increase their bottom line, connect and grow 👊

Thank you🙏

Thank you always always for your support! We are eternally grateful for you reading this, advice, likes, attendance, motivational talks, introductions + more.

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