(Newsletter) New Name. New Podcast. Who Dis?

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Friends + Fam - You may have used our planning services, attended an affiliated event, and/or we just love you THAT much. In this series of updates, we're opening up about our journey + sharing the inspirational stories of lady-boss event experts and movement-makers on a mission to transform the communities around them.

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After a summer of soul searching, P&L reviews and instagram polls; GroupOut is now PLANFULLY. 

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We've rebranded and pivoted slightly, but with the same crazy commitment to revolutionizing the Event Planning marketplace. We're finally upgrading from manual searches to real deal technology (think algorithms and The Matrix) to empower event organizers with high-quality, vetted, vendor matches, upfront pricing, expert advice and most importantly, saved time.

At the core of our renewed mission, is building an inclusive community for our tribe of Event Experts; talented, business owners of color, majority women - like us, who crave collaborative space to shine and support each other.

More on this in our FIRST EVA podcast episode here (less than 10 min)



To be clear, pivoting hasn't been as fun as the gifs above. We spent a painstakingly long time on design, which ended in a severed Ukrainian partnership and us employing the unmatched talent and patience of our co-founder, Leanna, who taught herself UX design in just over 2 months - and just wait until you see it!! #proudparents


We've gotten to this point thanks to a TON of help and support from YOU. We cannot thank you enough for the advice, likes, attendance, motivational talks, introductions + more, that we've received along the way. 

All that said, the real work is just beginning... 

  • Know anyone who's recently planned or is planning a wedding or large scale event? (We'd love their feedback.)

  • Know any super talented, reliable service providers in the event space? (Caterers, Photogs, DJs, Florists, etc)

  • Rich folks who might want to invest? (LOL, but seriously tho...)

  • Enjoyed our podcast? (Forward to a friend :)

If you answered YES to any of the above, please, please, respond to this update with an "I DO" and let's catch up asap. 

Lots more to come and we will keep everyone in the loop going forward.THANK YOU so much for your continued support! We literally can't do it without you.